Why Buy From Us?

Luxuriant Watch Concierge Inc.'s goal is to make your purchase feel as secure as possible. This applies to the entirety of the checkout process. We want you to feel happy with your investment every step of the way. Known to be as helpful as can be, we strive to be communicative and as helpful as can be. 

We treat you as if we are attending our family members. With love, honesty, and manners. 


With a wealth of experience behind us, we are well-qualified to advise you on your luxury timepiece quest, and boast a unique proposition of finding the ideal model and make to suit your personality and aesthetic. We also love a challenge, so don't shy away from complex requests!


As an organization, we are proud to maintain a two-year warranty on all pre-owned watches. Giving you peace of mind - because luxury watch shopping should be anything but stressful.


At Luxuriant Concierge, we recognize that this is more of an involved purchase, and that is why transparency is one of our major corporate values. This paired with our unrivalled passion for our products, and the industry in which we operate is why we are more than happy to offer a 7-day money back guarantee on pre-owned models if you aren’t 100% satisfied.


We strongly believe in helping customers to achieve their luxury watch dreams. For this reason, we decided to introduce the Lifetime Upgrade Program to encourage progression and innovation within the market.


We are especially proud of our large inventory accumulated. We go above and beyond to ensure each customer is well within reach of their dream timepiece, come the time of purchase. We have established great connections with our supplier network, and work collectively to provide you the product you deserve, in a timely manner.


We are so certain about the potential of our brand we decided to begin operations within the global market, and used this in our favor as a tool to learn more about which products work best in which market and why - which proved very insightful to us as a company, and aided us in refining our product range.