Luxury watches are incredibly durable and dependable. This means that if properly maintained and used, they will continue to function and look excellent for many years. Before we tackle the reasons why one should buy an all-original luxury watch, let’s check first what are some of the reasons why people buy luxury watches.

INVESTMENT. Buying a luxury watch is a great way of making money especially if you have money lying in a dead savings account. Though the price of pre-owned luxury watches fluctuates, luxury watches have been considered to appreciate in value by 20% in just four years. For example, if you have $10,000 in the bank that offers 3.50% interest annually, your money after four years will be $11,400 (assuming you don’t use that money for four years). If you bought a Rolex watch for $10,000 four years ago, the value of the watch now is $12,000. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of wearing a luxury watch every day while still making a profit on it.

PORTABLE ASSET.  Luxury Watches can be converted back into cash quickly and safely.

LEAVE A LEGACY. High-quality watches are built to last and are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. One does not only pass on a watch, it also contains the history, memories, stories, and legacy of those who wear them. Luxury watches are symbols of the people who own them.

ELEVATES YOUR CONFIDENCE AND GENERAL STATUS SOCIALLY. Many will argue that you are not actually required to purchase a luxury watch. The same time can be obtained from a $20 watch and a $60,000 watch. Given that, the distinction between the two is that expensive timepiece satisfy our psychological requirements. A luxury watch is a status symbol that enhances self-confidence.

Luxury Watches are made of precious metals - solid gold or platinum, even their stainless steel has to be of a certain quality. The hour hands and indices on the dial are precious metals, too to prevent tarnishing.  Ceramics are used, no plastic will be found in the movements, and the general build quality is excellent.  The surface of the casing has been professionally brushed, polished, and built so that it appears flawless and fits together properly.  

Luxury timepieces can't just be put together; they need to be made by highly skilled watchmakers who spend a lot of their precious time on each watch in order to meet the luxury standard. It takes one year for a Rolex watch to be made; that is one year of overheads, labor, rent, bills, and other expenses to pay for. Jaeger Le Coultre puts their watches through over 1000 hours of testing, which takes a lot of time because luxury watches are typically made by hand.

Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and other high-end watches are extremely popular both in the new and used markets. Those that have undergone alterations or tampering outside of the manufacturer's factory will no longer be considered authentic.

With that being said, a watch with an aftermarket component cannot be sold or auctioned off in the future as an original; instead, it becomes a custom-finished watch with fancy, expensive finishing that is incomparable to an original luxury watch that is offered on the market. So if you’re thinking of getting a luxury watch for investment, might as well get the all-original one to get the most for your money. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that you are investing in an asset that is not just of extremely high quality but would also allow you to take pride in your hard-earned money? Wouldn’t it make you feel exceedingly happy and proud that you will pass on an heirloom to your loved ones that is as authentic as your love for them?  

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