Where to find the serial number on your Rolex

Where to find the serial number on your Rolex

The importance of knowing your Rolex serial number

From humble beginnings in 1926 with the revolutionary first waterproof and dustproof watch, Rolex also began engraving each piece with unique serial numbers to document production dates.You may wonder, why would I need to know the serial number of my Rolex? Well, it is important for various reasons:  

1. It will identify the date of production, which works alongside other factors to give you an accurate market value of your watch.

2. It can also help identify whether a watch is genuine Rolex or counterfeit. If counterfeit, it will most likely be without it's serial number, or feature a different design.

Where is the serial number on my Rolex located?

Before you get caught up trying to locate this cleverly concealed number, and end up sat up in a pile of watch shrapnel, let us walk you through how to properly go about it. 

The serial number of your Rolex will either be located between the lugs, on the 6 o’clock side of the case, or from 2005, at the rear of the bracelet or on the rehaut (metal ring) between the dial and the crystal. However, since 2008 Rolex halted production of engravings on the case exterior, continuing only on the rehaut

Below is a table to guide you help you easily locate your Rolex serial number. Some years may have two different serial numbers, as outlined. 

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